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theater & performance

Janina Janke is a member of the performance collective Turbo Pascal. As part of the collective, she is involved in the conceptual development of the performances and is responsible for the design and implementation of the spatial settings.

Turbo Pascal develops interactive performances that turn the theatre into an assembly and negotiation space for social processes, dynamics and utopias. In addition, the Berlin based collective realises participatory projects with citizens or young people and develops formats for conversation and communication.


Janina Janke co-founded the transdisciplinary formation Oper Dynamo West to develop contemporary music theater in urban spaces. The group existed from 2006 - 2016. The productions of the first years concentrated on the west of Berlin, the founding location of Oper Dynamo West. Later, Oper Dynamo West transferred its working methods to places outside of Berlin and explored the musical, theatrical and artistic potential of reality with experimental and interdisciplinary projects.

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