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17 the visit - part 2

Aktualisiert: 30. Jan.

Two days ago I was in Innsbruck again and visited Gitti an der Lan. She is the granddaughter of the inn and brewery owner Nissl of Büchsenhausen Castle. In my luggage I had the description of Emperor Franz I's visit to the theatre at Büchsenhausen Castle. In it he describes in detail the way there and the location of the theatre. (cf. pritzi-blog, 16 the visit)

This is the English translation of it:

"[...] on the left of the road remains the castle of Büchsenhausen, a large building more than one storey high, with towers, a brewery; then, as we went on, soon after we stopped, and went left of the road into a planned square, which is on a mountain hillside, the square surrounded with tall trees; on one side of it is a theatre with a neatly painted portal, with fairly well painted scenes and a curtain; in front of the same the square is covered with boards, an orchestra with instrumental music, and wooden benches for the spectators;[...]."

Reference: Haus-, Hof- und Staatsarchiv Vienna, HHStA_HausA_Hofreisen_57-2,_pag._599_dd._08.07.1832

On the basis of this description, Gitti an der Lan was able to show me the exact place where, presumably 200 years ago, Anna Pritzi and her " Mädchengesellschaft" performed the legends and knights' plays. At the site one can still find the building of a coffee house and a bowling alley from the time. Enclosed are a few photos I took of the place.

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