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Aktualisiert: 13. Aug. 2022

I called the St Nikolaus cemetery administration, a funeral home, and spoke to a woman. She said I could come by and she could write a letter to the owners of the family grave. Arrived at the Speckgasse, I entered the office of the funeral home and told the woman in detail about my research concern. She picked up the phone and called somewhere, was called back 3 minutes later and had the phone number of M. Reitmeir, the owner of the grave site and descendant of Anna Pritzi. She called him and told him what she had understood about my research project, put the phone on loud and I was allowed to speak directly to Anna Pritzi´s descendant. He was very open-minded and interested and said he had a box of 19th century stuff from his ancestors. We could meet as soon as he is back from holiday and exchange ideas. I am very curious to see what is in the box and what else I will find out about Anna Pritzi. Will I perhaps find references to her theatre or even a play?

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