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Aktualisiert: 17. Dez. 2022

Anna Pritzi grew up in St Nikolaus/ Innsbruck and also died there. Her father Johann Brix had a clothier's shop in what is now Innstraße 89 in St Nikolaus. Anna Pritzi herself was a cloth-maker, that is how it is recorded in the registration book of the city of Innsbruck from 1956. After her marriage to the shoemaker Sebastian Reithmayr in 1811, Anna Pritzi probably moved with her husband for some time to Mühlau, a village not far from Innsbruck, because her two children were born there. Sebastian Reithmayr had his trade in Mühlau until 1819 and only received a "Gerechtsame" in Innsbruck from 1823. It is likely that they only then moved back to St. Nikolaus/ Innsbruck.

The picture below shows the house where Anna Pritzi and her husband lived in St. Nikolaus until their death. I discovered the photo in the Innsbruck City Archives with the help of staff member Tobias Rettenbacher. It shows the Reithmayr house at Weiherburggasse 1 around 1970, Kurt Reuter is noted as the photographer. Only a few years later, in 1978, it was demolished and apartment buildings were built on the site. I also attach a photo of a floor plan from probably the beginning of the 20th century, which I found in the box at Pritzi's descendant M. Reitmeir.

The house was bought, as already mentioned and according to the record, in 1844 by Sebastian Reithmayr and his wife Anna for 3600 fl. Sebastian Reithmayr died in 1857. In 1861, after Anna Pritzi's death, the house passed to her children Josef and Maria. Son Josef, also a shoemaker master like his father, paid off his sister Maria and lived in the house with his family. Maria was a seamstress and lived nearby in Fallbachgasse. She had two illegitimate children. Josef had four children. The eldest son also became a shoemaker and later inherited the house.

The historian Anton Dörrer writes in his article in the Dolomiten from 1952 that Pritzi performed with her theatre group at Büchsenhausen Castle, first in a barn and later in the hall of the Gasthaus. Büchsenhausen is just behind Pritzi's home. You can see it in the photograph I took showing the place today. It is the yellow towers with green domes in the background. The author and director August Lewald also locates Pritzi's theatre in Büchsenhausen in his 1938 travelogue, but he describes the farm of an old peasant woman as the venue. So where did Pritzi's theatre actually take place?

photo: Stadtarchiv/Stadtmuseum Innsbruck, Signatur: KRNE-3980

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