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Aktualisiert: 27. Okt. 2022

In a few academic and newspaper articles it is reported that Anna Pritzi lived to be 80 or 85 years old. Her married name was Anna Reitmayr (in various spellings) née Brix or Brixin. I searched for information on Anna Pritzi in the digitalised Innsbrucker Nachrichten from the 1860s and finally found her obituary. It says that she died of weakness of age on 12 November 1861 at the age of 80 in St. Nikolaus/ Innsbruck in Weierburggasse 567 1/2. As soon as I travel to Innsbruck, I will look for her grave in the cemetery of St. Nikolaus to hopefully find out more about her death and birth dates and possibly also something about her husband, the shoemaker.


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