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This morning I had a long talk about men and women with my landlady over breakfast. I really have to summarise it again. It's interesting as a reflection on Pritzi's women-only theatre group. For her it was quite clear that there must be associations or groups where the men and women are separated and among themselves, because then they can behave more freely. There were associations in Hötting for a long time where that was the case. Now there is a tendency to mix more and more. She doesn't think that's good. At Weiberfasnacht she enjoys parading through the village dressed as a man. She can well imagine that there were several women-only theatre groups, for the reason of a "safe space" for women. But in her eyes men need "safe spaces", too. On her chest, a golden cross with Jesus on a chain next to a green crocodile badge on her red T-shirt.

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